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After you sponsor 2 representatives who each purchase 1-RPU*(retail product unit), and your organization generates 15 sales with at least 1/3** of the sales on either side of your matrix, you earn your first $200.00!

The major difference between traditional network marketing and this compensation plan is the binary payment system. Binary means two. The only requirment to become commissionable is to sponsor two representatives who each have a minimum of 1-RPU (retail product unit).

Spill-Over occurs once you have two associates directly beneath you and additional representatives are sponsored. These new sponsorships spillover into your organization, benefiting you and your associates.

The Compensation Cycle

  • Cycle an unlimited number of times daily!
  • No maximum daily payout!
  • Bonuses are caculated weekly, paid weekly!
  • Automatic reentry into the cycle!
  • Commissions are paid on the sales of retail product units that you and independent representatives in your organization make!
  • The sponsor of a new representative who purchases a case of fuel enhancer (RPU-A) receives $25 in prepaid fuel!

*RPU Sale: Retail
Product Unit

RPU-A ($195)
One case (12 - 6 oz. bottles) of a revolutionary fuel additive, plus prepaid gasoline card worth $25.

RPU-B ($195)
WILDFIRE: 200 Minutes - A personal voice activated phone assistant. For a free demonstration call 1-800-WILDFIRE

  • Endorsed by Johnny Rutherford, three-time Indy winner.
  • Reduces harmful emmissions up to 80%.
  • Increases gas mileage by 10% or more.
  • Used industrially, now offered to the public only through this system.
  • Increases engine performance without additional octane rating.
  • Reduces engine wear, reduces maintenance costs, and increases engine power.

** 1/3 RULE

In order to receive bonuses, all stages must be even to at least 1/3. With 15 sales, at least 5 must be on either side of your matrix. With 60 sales, at least 20 must be on either side of your matrix. This applies to all compensation plans (cycles).

Optional Executive Starter Kit includes all the items you need to build your buisness, including a video, cassette, full color brochure, flip-chart, and a book by a network marketing expert on how to build your buiness....................$54.95

Shipping & handling................$13.00


More Information About the Plan