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Representatives are offered 2 options using prepaid gasoline cards:

SAVINGS on Gasoline Option:

You can save 10% on your gasoline bill by becoming a representative. You just fill out an application. Send out for one by e-mailing us your postal address, or by using our Fax-on-demand option. Specify that you want to become a Non- Commissioned Representative. It's free to join if you live in AL, KY, LA, MN, NB, PA, SD, WV, or GA. All other states pay a $50 deposit.

Your BENEFITS are: You are entitled to buy up to 16 prepaid gasoline cards a month, at 10% off their face value. A prepaid card worth $50 of gasoline costs you $45. It can be used at any gas pump that accepts visa cards. You are also entitiled to buy fuel enhancer at wholesale prices. This option is for people who just want the savings, but are not interested in making money off the program.


You can earn free prepaid gasoline cards and generate a large income by becoming a Commissioned representative. There are two ways that you can become a commissioned representative:

a) By purchasing a wholesale product unit (RPU) one time and entering into a binary compensation plan. The RPU consists of a case of Fuel Enhancer and some collectible (useable) prepaid fuel cards. (A more expensive RPU is available which consisits of prepaid fuel cards only, without the fuel enhancer). More product options are being added to the RPU. The cost of one RPU is $195.00 plus the $50 application fee (if applicable). The application fee is waived if you order a dealer kit for $65.00.
b) By NOT purchasing a wholesale product unit (RPU), but by personally sponsoring two other representatives. When you generate sales of 15 RPU's in your organization, you become commissionable, without having made any personal purchases of wholesale product units. At this stage, your first commission goes towards buying your first RPU, and you are entered into the binary compensation plan.

Re-entry into the compensation cycles is automatic. The CMR is The Commission Maintenance Reentry. It is automatically taken out of your commission at the end of the cycle, to reenter you into a fresh cycle. It buys you another RPU, and this counts towards the total sales of RPUs in your group. This way you only pay for one RPU either when you start out as a representative, or when your organization has made its first 15 sales. The same is true for the representatives in your downline. All their commission maintenance reentries are RPUs that count as sales for your group, and so sales are self generating. It's less complicated than it appears to be!

Your BENEFITS are: 10% discount on gasoline cards as above, plus free prepaid gasoline cards, fuel enhancer, and monetary compensation. Your first commission pays off the price of the RPU to enter the binary plan! You can build a large group of people very quickly by referring them to our web site, making sure they specify their wish to be placed in your downline. Because it is a binary plan, you can only have 2 representatives on your first level. Any additional representatives, sponsored by your uplines, spill over into your group, benefiting you and your representative group.

The potential for this ground floor opportunity is TREMENDOUS. Since the company was launched in March, thousands of dealers have joined up. The response was overwhelming, and far beyond anyones's expectation! Just the fact that you would be joining a newly launched program, that as yet, has no competition, and that is already working out details for expansion Internationally, should be a reason for you to consider it very seriously.